Exercise 1
1.    _________ do you think will win the race?
A)   How      B) Who      C) Whom      D) Whose
2.    _________ did the accident happen?
A)   How      B) What      C) Which      D) Who
3.    _________ did you park your car?
A)   Who      B) What      C) Where     D) Whom
4.    _________ did he give you this expensive ring?
A)   Who      B) When     C) What       D) Whose
5.    _________ do we have to pay that bully?
A)   Why      B) Who       C) What       D) Which
6.    _________ is the train from Ipoh arriving?
A)   How      B) Who       C) When      D) What
7.    _________ do you prefer, coffee or tea?
A)   Who      B) What      C) Which      D) Whose
8.    _________ do you pass your homework to?
A)   How      B) Who       C) Whom      D) Where
Exercise  2
1.    There are some __________ grazing in the field.
A)   Sheep        B) sheeps          C) sheepes       D) sheepies

2.    _________run the fastest among the birds.
A)   Ostrichs      B) Ostrichies     C) Ostriches     D) Ostrichyes

3.    We need to cut some __________ to make our  tent.
A)   bamboo      B) bamboos      C) bambooes    D) bambooies

4.    Don’t go near that dog. Its body is full of  __________ .
A)   lice             B) lices              C) louse            D) louses

5.    I have a collection of  __________ in my study room.
A)   novel          B) novels           C) noveles        D) novelies

6.    The  __________ remind me of my childhood.
A)   marble        B) marbles        C) marbleies     D) marbleses

7.    Joe did a few  __________ during the game.
A)   smash        B) smashs        C) smashes      D) smashies

8.    There are many colourful __________ in that book.
A)   picture        B) pictures       C) pictureies     D) pictureses
Exercise 3
1.    We meet ______ at the beach yesterday evening.
A)   us       B) he       C) she      D) them

2.    Joanne is not here. ______ left an hour ago.
A)   He      B) His      C) Her      D) She
3.    Mr Lim gave ______ a test this morning.
A)   I         B) us        C) we       D) they

4.    Let ______ have the book if she wants it.
A)   us      B) he        C) she      D) them

5.    My niece is two years old and ______ is very active.
A)   it        B) she      C) he        D) they

6.    I washed the shoes and put ______ out to dry.
A)   it        B) she      C) they     D) them

7.    My mother warned ______ not to go near the pond.
A)   I         B) he        C) me      D) she

8.    I told ______ not to leave the pail near the door.
A)   he      B) she      C) you      D) they

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